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Hey ya'll!

Welcome to my site! Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm excited that you're here and have an interest in adding some color to your life! 

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A little bit about me

I have been a freelance artist all throughout my life and have 18+ years of creative experience. I enjoy working alongside numerous clients fulfilling their art needs. I always included an element of creativity, whether coordinating a battle of the bands, decorating cakes, or most recently, radio DJ and promotions coordinator. Throughout the years, I was always painting a multitude of items, ranging from custom painted shoes for musicians, Xboxes for gamers, fine art to increase the beauty of someone’s living room, t-shirt designs for events and murals for both personal homes, community events and local businesses.

I launched Red Dirt Rosie in 2019, and often paint under that alias. My life motto is, “leave it brighter than you found it.'' My ultimate goal is to encourage wonder and whimsy with my art. I utilize glee and occasional madness to capture and keep the sweet moments/emotions that are tucked into our lives preserved. I believe life is just so much better when it's brighter and we look to find the wonder in every moment. My style comes from years of practice and the constant exploration to seek out who I really am. I desire to impact those around me with a colorful new way of seeing the silver lining in everyday life.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's chat about art for you!


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