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Red Dirt Rosie here, and I'm aiming to leave it brighter than I found it!

Welcome to my colorful corner of the world!
I'm Kortny (but you can call me Rosie, or Red, I answer to all 3!) a wife, and mom of two wonderful kids, the proud owner of four energetic dogs, and the caretaker of a flock of 17 feathery friends. Nestled in the chaos of family life, I've found my haven as a full-time artist, specializing in murals and window splash art. I regularly take on commissions as my schedule allows. I'm one of those creative *knock it off the bucket list* folks who is open to painting on about any sort of canvas at least once!


As I embark on my third year as a full-time artist (Praise the Lord!), I reflect on the incredible journey that has brought me to this point. Art has always been my passion, I'd spend hours in grade school filling up sketchbooks, and now, it's not just a dream; it's a beautiful reality. The canvas of my life is filled with the vibrant strokes of joy, hope, and whimsical encouragement, and I'm thrilled to share this creative adventure with you.

My artistic journey has been influenced by the daily dose of inspiration provided by my family, books, my faith and the curious ideas I come up with on the daily (you should see the notes section of my phone...whoa). My focus on joy, whimsy and wonder infuses my work with an extra dose of energy and playfulness, welcoming those who view my works to dream like a kid again, to embrace wonder and find the bright stuff in life.

Specializing in murals and window splash art allows me to turn blank spaces into vibrant stories. Whether it's a mural that transports you to a world of imagination or window art that breathes life into everyday scenes, my goal is to spread joy and inspiration through my creations.

Along with murals and window splash, I also specialize in community murals, live painting focusing on fundraising efforts and custom canvas orders. I love painting your pets, especially dogs! 


I have a keen eye for design, and as a focused creative (well, most of the time!), I pour my heart and soul into every project. I'm blessed to have devoted folks use me repeatedly for their creative projects, trusting me to always bring them inspiring art that algins with their brand and vision. My artistic approach is deeply rooted in the belief that art has the power to evoke emotions, create connections, and bring a big ol' dollop of joy into our lives. Also, it's science that happy art makes happy folks, and I can get behind that, and will sling paint anywhere I can to boost the joy!

If you're someone who values joy, hope, and whimsical encouragement, we're a perfect match! I am passionate about collaborating with clients who share my vision for spreading positivity through art. As I gear up for 2024, I am eager to fill my books with new projects and collaborations that bring beauty and inspiration to the spaces we share.

Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey. Let's create something beautiful together and make 2024 a year filled with color, creativity, and boundless possibilities!


With joy, ready to sling paint where it ain't, Rosie


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's chat about art for you!


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